Daily Archives: July 6, 2010

Slow Down and Smell the Flowers

So on Sunday I was working in the morning at Red Hot and Blue. It was the fourth of July and it unfortunately  was a very stressful/busy day, and with only two servers working it felt even more insane. I was pretty disgusting and feeling extremely frustrated and  down on the situation at work when one lady at one of the tables I was serving needed some help with her check. She was an older lady who had been sitting with friends from a church group. She randomly tells me that when I was running around, (feeling like a chicken with my head cut off), that she thought I was the cutest thing and very pretty and saw that I worked really hard. It was like a legit slap in the face from God as I was in my heart thinking about all the horrible and stressful things about the day. I wasn’t praising him for the blessing of having legs to run around to serve others, in order to make money… I wasn’t being thankful for the job I have, that many people don’t…. I can’t believe that God in spite of my bad attitude would show me such mercy to have this lovely lady remind me that I am His Beloved. That I am beautiful in his eyes and that I need to slow down and realize what is around me, and who I really am.
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